Music Photography

Estelle at Baby's All Right, Brooklyn New York

When you have an 8 month old it can be really hard to leave the house. Life becomes wrapped up in this little of bundle of joy and making sure he gets enough food, cuddles and sleep. Some would say i’ve become a bit of a hermit since Auggie was born but I blame winter for my lacklustre spirit when it comes to outdoor adventures. Last night Mel gave me a little shove out the door and organized me a photo pass for the Estelle show at Baby’s all right in Brooklyn. Such a sweetie right?! So 9pm on a Wednesday I was out of the house, ignoring the rain and enjoying a beer and on my own in BK! What a crazy life for this Mum. Here’s a little collection of the Estelle photos that I managed to snap. Thanks Baby!

Jay Electronica at Brooklyn Bowl NYC

Mel and I along with some friends from Sydney - Solo from Horrorshow and Omar Musa ventured out to Brooklyn to catch the almighty Jay Electronica rock the stage. For three of us it was the first time seeing Jay live - Mel being the local hip hop veteran has photographed him many times over the last ten years. The show was uplifting and full of energy with Jay ended most of his songs in a cappella, on the floor in the middle of the crowd. I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy and this may been the last music gig I shoot for awhile... I was a little worried about getting shoved in the tight crowd and there was a moment when everyone did start to get a little rowdy but I backed up to safety and still managed to get some good shots!